What Are Vexels? (dot org)

Definition, vexel. n.

A form of digital raster art done to appear as vector-graphic style with raster-medium-specific features.

First use of the term, From Nova-Boards, post 532851, by Seth Woolley:

OK, new word: "vexel" a cross between vector and pixel. Crossing between vector and raster wouldn't work too well. To be used as an adjective and a noun.

Like how a texel is a texture pixel in 3d graphics and a voxel is a volume pixel in 3d graphics.

So what is a vexel?

A vexel is a form of digital raster art that looks like it could have been made in a vector graphics program such as illustrator, but was made in the medium of a raster/pixel/photo editing program. The raster-specific-features are those that are necessary, not sufficient to make it a raster.

What are not vexels?

You used photoshop, took some vector image you made in illustrator, and threw some blurred photos, used brushes, or anything that violates the idea of a vector image (other than the natural features of rasterizing a vector image). This is called photoshoppin'. If it doesn't look like it was made in a vector program, in general, it should not be called a "vexel".

Examples of Vexels

No School Tomorrow
Suicide Blonde
The Summer's Out of Reach

Website by Seth Woolley, who coined the word vexel.